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Thursday, 20 April 2017

Limin Ay Nikolaou, Kea, Cyclades

After a blustery few days with southerly wind, it changed direction which meant we could sail a little further south (east, south, east) with the wind behind us. Even though it was a little rolly at times, we had a great sail with both both sails flying until wind veered and the main sail bocked the genoa. We get a better sail on genoa only when wind is in this direction so the main sail was dropped. Wind speed also dropped which meant Bonaventure followed. 

It was a fabulous day for a sail though, great weather and no rush so we continued sailing with speed ranging from 2 to 6 knots. Nick had time to do some minor repairs to one of the lines.

26.6 nm later, we dropped anchor in the bay at Omos Livadhi, Kea. Almost warm enough for a swim, but not quite! This is a lovely bay with sand and mud bottom, the anchor held well. Just a short time later, we moved Bonaventure to the quay at the small town of Korissia. This enabled us to get ashore and bigger winds were expected the following day. 

Big(ish)wind did come and we pulled a little off the dock to prevent Bonaventure banging against the quay. This meant our visit to the main town of Loulida was postponed. 

All calm again the following morning and off to the village at Ioulida. All cars are left outside the village and from here you must walk. It's a fabulous place with tiny winding streets and alleyways. Some people still use a donkey as a form of transport here and we saw a few on route. Views from ,the top of the village are stunning.

We went through the village and out of the other side in search of the famous sculpture lion. This is said to have been completed prior to 600 BC, the lion is carved from a natural stone slab, some say by the artist who created the acropolis. 

According to legend, the island of Kea was once home to water nymphs whose beauty made the gods jealous. They sent a lion down to ravage it's beauty. The lion drove all the nymphs away from the island, and the island dried out.

The inhabitants of Kea asked apollon's son, Aristaeus for help. He built a mighty temple for Zeus who was so pleased he brought the rain and the nymphs back. The lion is smiling which adds a bit of mystery to the statue and its existence. The artist is unknown.