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Sunday, 14 May 2017

Bonaventure Gets a Clean Bottom!

After three years in the water, and after our decision was made to leave 'The Med', we decided to lift out Bonaventure to ensure everything below water was working as it should and give her a clean new hull. 

Bonaventure had coppercoat applied to the hull just over 10 years ago. We thought it was time to update her. When out of the water we were pleasantly surprised at how good she looked. We could have got away with a good scrub and touch up a few parts of the hull but as she was already out of the water and we had the coppercoat on-board, we went ahead with her transformation.

Bonaventure is now ready to continue her adventure.

Getting out of the water was an adventure in itself. We motored a few hundred metres from the harbour to the yard. On approaching we were guided in by the man on a "Tennis Umpire" chair fitted to the cradle. Dimitrios, the yard owner, was in the water to fine tune getting us lined up and to then tightening the pads up to the hull to hold us secure.

Once on the hard and props secured we could inspect the hull. After a good blast with the pressure hose we could see the bottom was pretty clean and tidy, just a few areas of coral worm requiring a scraper. We were very happy to see the Coppercoat had been doing its job. The anode was OK but we changed it anyway.

First task was to give the old Coppercoat a good clean, first with the ice scrapers supplied by family as wedding presents, then with fine grade abrasive paper  and 'Scotch pads' to burnish the surface. There was plenty of the old stuff still there and we could have probably gone for a few years more. 

Jay gave the propeller a good clean and polish and a good greasing to the gears. After which the blades moved freely and smoothly.

Then the good bit, applying the new Coppercoat, Once mixed we had about twenty five minutes to apply before it set too hard to use. We mixed in batches of 1 litre at a time and applied half a litre each. Working from bow to stern we finished one coat just in time to start the next. Coppercoat is applied wet on tacky. It took us all day to apply the recommended four coats.

Once finished the hull is bright shiny copper. We managed to find a special roller in a local hardware shop to get in to the tunnel for the bow thruster. To work the copper has to turn to copper oxide, to assist in the chemical change we gave a final rub down with scotch pad before going back into the water.

Getting back into the water is a simple reversal of getting out. With Bonaventure on the cradle and the extension fitted the tractor pushed us back into the sea and we simply floated free.

Dimstef yard is a great place to haul out, relatively inexpensive, the staff are friendly and helpful. Dimitrios knows his stuff and managed to find all the bits and pieces we needed, he also fixed the raw water pump which had been leaking.

* Returning to the water photos courtesy of Brian and Sue Ketteridge on SY Dawn Surprise.