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Saturday, 11 November 2017

Port Suez to Hurghada

Port Suez and Tawfik yacht club:

This is quite a shabby 'yacht club'.  Lines are to a mooring buoy and help us  available. There's just enough room for six yachts so we took up all the space. It has a  washing machine and toilet facilities..... our facilities onboard are clean and top class so we wouldn't use them! Security is over the top but I guess that's a positive!

Tawfik Yacht Club

Our agent from Prince of the Red Sea, Mr Heebi, was very helpful from start to finish. He arranged a mini bus to take us to the local market which was fabulous. Locals, again, were very friendly. Sheena asked about price for bananas and the stall holder replied 20EL (around 85p), a local lady reached between us and said no! 10EL. She obviously proceeded  to tell off the stall holder for ripping us off.

Photo's by Sheena Cook, Miyagi Moon
Later that evening Mr Heebi bought everyone dinner from a takeaway. Delicious......

Tawfik to Ras Sudr:

We began our journey towards the red sea in light winds but when it built we had a very good downwind sail. We were very sheltered when we anchored behind a sandspit.

Onwards to Mersa Thelemet:

Our anchor was weighed at 6am (20 kilo haha) and engine soon switched off. Again with wind behind, we sailed on Genoa only in lumpy bumpy sea. Great wind of 20 knots when we crossed the traffic separation scheme.

Following Ron Glas 
When arriving at Mersa Thelemet two leading lines must be followed as it's the only safe recorded passage without hitting reefs or bombies. The first is difficult but not impossible to make out. Do not turn until the first two lattice towers are lined up. See photo below!

The second turn is when the two towers and a water tower in the distance line up, this is easier to see. We anchored just to the right off the jetty in 7mts.

At last, we had chance to go ashore and explore thanks to Sheena and Albert who took us in their rib. The sand was beautiful and my feet sank right in.... Amazing! I enjoyed chasing after the crabs that were scuttling about andcthe lovely patterns the sand made.

Sha'b El Hasa:

Wild crazy lumpy bumpy topsy turvy swirly whirly sail! This photo does not capture the rolling seas but gives an idea of waves crashing against us!

We anchored behind a reef which gave enough protection from the rolling sea but wind around 25knotts continued all night.

Shaykh Riyah Harbour:

Up and off before 6am after a crazy windy night. Wind is relentless! It's been blowing at a steady speed for days. At least no gusts like we experienced constantly while sailing in the Mediterranean Sea. Sea is still lumpy bumpy etc etc but sails are quick under Genoa only.

We anchored while 23knots of wind howled around us although sea was a lot calmer. We were not able to go ashore here but it was lovely to get our first glimpse of passing camels.

South Qeisum:

Again we were underway before 6am. Today we passed across the traffic separation scheme for the last time. It was our wildest sail of them all so far with wind in early 30's. Again, we only sailed under Genoa reaching great speed crashing through the rolling sea. At one point Nick noticed 10knotts which is very fast for us! Yeehaaaaaaa!

Once anchored at South Qeisum we were blocked from the sea but wind kept howling for the next few days and nights. This is a beautiful anchorage.

We all met on the beach for sundowners.....

Kite surfers taking full advantage of the wind. Great to watch from Bonaventure.....

Alain, from Galaxy, invited us all onboard his beautiful yacht for lunch. It's the only yacht amongst us able to accommodate us all together comfortably.

Hughada Hotel Strip:

Our final sail before going into the marina, again had big wind for a lumpy downwind sail. At one point we were making 7+ knots with a tiny sail out.

As Friday and Saturday have now become our weekend, the port authority was closed until Sunday so we are unable to go into the marina until then. We anchored at the hotel beach strip where we had very little wind and our first quiet night for a while. Luxury!

Water temperature was 25+ so we took advantage and enjoyed our first dip in a while. Nick jumped over and cleaned Bonaventure and we enjoyed watching the amazing sunset.....

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